We know what Dealerships are Worth

We Live and Breathe Auto Dealerships.  It’s What We Do !
We are immersed in your world.  We speak your language.  We understand your worries and concerns because we’ve owned and operated dealerships. We know that in this quickly changing business environment it’s important to be proactive.


You need to know the value of your dealership...


  • If you are considering whether it may be the right time to sell and want to make the most informed decision

  • When you are acquiring another dealership and are concerned about the sale price, we can offer a valuable opinion

  • To prepare your estate plan or provide for your family through gifting

  • For protection in the event of divorce, shareholder dispute, partnership issues or fraud

  • Supportable documentation for evaluations that meet IRS requirements


Why Nancy Phillips Associates ?

There are significant differences that elevate our evaluation services and our company over others.  Critical factors in determining value are often missed by accountants who may not be connected to the complexities of our industry, manufacturer’s requirements, fluctuating franchise values and fast changing buyer and seller behaviors.


The Value of Your Dealership is our Business.

  • Our evaluation reports are of the highest quality, prepared with hands on expertise and an understanding of the industry and your immediate market area.
  • We take the time to understand and respond to your own unique and individual needs.
  • Our expertise, instincts and access to authentic dealership transactions delivers the most accurate and supportable real time value that you, your accountants and your advisers can rely on.

Our team prepares your evaluation with the utmost discretion.

  • We work directly with you or whomever you designate, only involving other dealership personnel at your request.

  • We understand that you have a dealership to operate and we complete our evaluations with minimal interruption to your business.

  • Site visits and meetings may be scheduled after hours if necessary.



                              Nancy Phillips                                               Lynn Brandolini                                                   Ellen Kozak                                 

We have over 25 years of expertise in the evaluation of dealerships for the purpose of selling, acquiring and financial planning !