Nancy Phillips Associates

Knight Buick GMC Sold to Canadian Dealers

02.17.22 03:28 PM By Carrie Forbes
Nancy Phillips Associates is pleased to announce the sale of Knight Buick GMC to Annie Brennan, Shea Brennan and Robert Toner. The Buyers operate several dealerships in Eastern Canada and this is their first acquisition Stateside. Annie and Shea Brennan have re-located to Plattsburgh to immerse themselves in the community and in their new dealership. Rich Knight will continue expanding his real estate holdings and other investments in the Plattsburgh area. The new name of the dealership is Brennan Buick GMC.

Rich Knight, Former Owner of Knight Buick GMC:

"Nancy Phillips sold my father a dealership 25 years ago.  After he passed away, she helped me in many ways throughout my time as a General Motors dealer.  When it came time for me to sell, I only thought of working with her.  I owned one dealership, my grown children had other careers and I was concerned about dealership consolidation, the coming of electric vehicles and my ability to remain competitive into the future. 

I had Nancy and her team of experts evaluate my dealership and I got a fair and honest opinion based on fact and reality.  I really appreciated the honesty and transparency from true professionals who were not out to give me ‘pie in the sky’ numbers just to get my business.

Carrie, who delivered outstanding Canadian buyers, made a complicated transaction easy and I was able to maintain the confidentiality of my sale up to the end.  Everyone at Nancy Phillips Associates is caring, competent, reassuring and patient.  I know they all were concerned about me and what this sale meant to my future.  I would not work with any other Broker and urge anyone interested in selling their dealership to contact Nancy Phillips Associates."

Nancy Phillips, President of Nancy Phillips Associates:

"Rich Knight was a pleasure to work with and a gracious Seller who went out of his way to turn his dealership over to Annie and Shea with everything in perfect order."

Carrie Forbes