Nancy Phillips Associates

Thinking About Selling?

NPA supports and protects you as a seller by determining the realistic value of your dealership, qualifying and identifying the most fitting buyer, and ensuring a timely and successful transaction. 

Nancy Phillips Associates sells on average within 92% of List Price

Nancy Phillips Associates works with Individual Dealers, Local and Regional Groups and Large Public and Private Groups. 

Engage the Most Effective Auto Dealership Advisory and Brokerage firm in New England. When it’s time to sell your dealership, Nancy Phillips Associates will confidentially assess your operation and initiate a marketing program designed specifically for the sale of your business. We will help you identify “add-backs” to profitability and assist potential buyers with discovering areas of additional profit opportunity.  We will connect you with our database of motivated buyers who are financially qualified and easily approved by the manufacturer. We will be by your side through all the steps necessary for a successful transaction.

The Essential Elements of a successful transaction that NPA undertakes on your behalf include:

Guidance on eliminating potential environmental obstacles to your sale

Identification of qualified purchasers who meet franchise requirements

Determination of your dealership’s realistic value

Management of your entire transaction from start to finish

Preparation of dealership prospectus

As a Seller, You Will Benefit From: 

Honest and accurate determination of the value of your dealership

Coordination of environmental and appraisal requirements

Preparation of the formal prospectus to showcase your dealership

Our experience of 30+ years expertly negotiating successful dealership transactions 

Strong working relationships with franchisors

Management of legal and accounting services pertinent to transaction

Recent Sales

Nancy Phillips Associates sold nearly 40% of all the dealership transactions in Northern New England in 2021

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