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What Others Have to Say...

Steve Hartley | Former Owner of Hartley's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram | Newport, ME

"When the time came to think about retiring, the only call I made was to Nancy Phillips Associates because of the firm’s stellar reputation in New England and the recommendations of my dealer friends who had sold through the company. 

My main concern was for my family and my employees. I wanted to pass my dealership along to a dealer who would treat my employees and my customers well so that I could be proud of how I exited the business. I worked with Carrie Forbes who was very professional and extremely helpful. At my request she put together a sale with Jay Darling of Darling's Auto Group who was my first choice as successor. Throughout the negotiations, the three of us worked well together. Carrie was on top of each step of the transaction and kept everyone moving forward. Her company has great relationships with all of the different manufacturers, which is very important. It was easy for me to work with Carrie because she understood where I was coming from at every level and no problem was too difficult for her to handle."

Richard Gill |Former Owner of Brigham-Gill CDJR | Natick, MA

"I chose Nancy and Carrie based on their reputation and who they had worked for in the past. They had some really high-quality references from people I know in the business that I think very highly of, and who had worked with them more than once.


I wasn’t really planning on selling at this time, but when Carrie approached me and said they had someone interested, I started to feel like the timing might be right. We talked about what I would prefer in a buyer and for the future of the store, and how I wanted to see the staff treated, which was important to me as a family-owned business. The buyer they brought me was another local, family-owned business, which was very attractive to me.


As a car dealer, I know how to make a deal and put a deal together without a broker, but I saw the value in their administration of the process. They were also able to bring me a buyer I might not have found otherwise because of their connections within the industry. They are well-versed in all the intricacies of dealing with the franchisor for a smooth transition. They are absolute pros and that made the process easier. Knowing that they were behind the scenes, making sure everything that was supposed to happen happened on time, allowed me to continue to run the store while the sale was being finalized."

Andy Fink, CFO of Village Automotive Group |New owner of Brigham-Gill CDJR

"Nancy Phillips Associates is well known in the industry, and I’ve had some communication with Nancy in the past. When it came time to expand, we were not interested in buying something just for the sake of buying, it had to be the right opportunity. When we looked at this dealership, we felt it was a good match. It was already functioning well, and the prior owner wasn’t in a hurry to sell.

Working with Carrie was awesome. She has a great demeanor and made sure that we stayed on target to complete all of the tasks we were supposed to do throughout the transaction. While I had a sense of the process, Carrie was great at giving me reminders at the right time. She communicates well and was extremely responsive to us. Throughout this transaction, we never had any issues with the other parties involved, which is a credit to Carrie and Nancy’s expertise."

Abel Toll, President of AutoSaver Group | Buyer of Wells River Chevrolet | Wells River, VT

"We have worked with Nancy Phillips Associates over the last 30 years and they have been responsible for a good number of our acquisitions. Nancy knows all about our business model and has been incredibly instrumental in bringing us the right new opportunities to enhance our dealership group.  She has looked out for us throughout her career and even been known to push us in the right direction when we were too busy to see it for ourselves.  In every transaction that she has facilitated, nothing escapes her attention to detail. Her staff is great and they know how to negotiate and manage a dealership acquisition from start to finish so that it runs smoothly and seamlessly." 

Jose Oliver | Buyer of Rutland Subaru | Rutland, VT 

From the moment I started my career in the car business, I wanted to have my own dealership.  But everybody told me it would not be possible for someone from my socioeconomic background, who moved here from another country with nothing. 

Owning your own business is the American dream and even though I thought this was never going to happen for me, I worked really hard and saved every penny that I could.  When I finally had my own resources, I started contacting franchisors and brokers in the industry and was told over and over ‘no you can’t do this’.  Nancy Phillips was the only auto dealership broker that cared.  She took the time to sit down and listen to me and then said, ‘Okay Jose, this is what you need to do to get this accomplished,’ and then 'how can I help you find the way to get there? Nancy Phillips Associates delivered the perfect dealership located right near where I lived in Vermont and helped me through every step of the acquisition.  It was an enormous challenge for them as well as for me and without their perseverance and my determination, this would not have come to pass.        

Sheila Reilly | Former owner of Ed Reilly Subaru | Concord, NH 

“I had always planned to work with Nancy Phillips Associates when the time came – Nancy has a great reputation, is very well organized, and knows her stuff.  Furthermore she got things done in a very timely manner and in this environment, where it’s very difficult to get anything done,  she has all the right connections.  She introduced me to the best providers for every service that I required to prepare my dealership for sale from the real estate appraisal company to the environmental company and so much more.  I would highly, highly recommend Nancy Phillips Associates, I didn’t make a move without discussing things with her first and she respected what I desired from the transaction. It was an honor to meet her and to work with her.  I admire her, both personally and professionally.” 

Bob Esposito, Former Owner | Yankee Ford of Brunswick  |  Brunswick, ME

"Carrie Forbes was dynamic and professional throughout the whole transaction; her work was second to none.  Her eye for detail was absolutely outstanding throughout every step of the process – from the initial contact with me, right through the closing. She constantly stayed in touch with me about developments with the deal. I always knew what stage we were in, and the things we had to do to keep everything moving.  In my 35 years of experience with hiring, training, and working with retail salespeople, I’ve learned what works, and I believe Carrie Forbes can sell anything. The reason is because what matters to her most is the customer. She knows that when you put the customer first in any scenario, you’re going to have success, and that’s exactly what she does. When and if I ever sell one of my other dealerships, she will be the one handling everything, period – because she’s that good at it. I highly recommend Carrie Forbes to anyone considering selling their dealership or buying a dealership."

Rich Knight | Former Owner of Knight Buick GMC | Plattsburgh, NY

"Nancy Phillips sold my father a dealership 25 years ago.  After he passed away, she helped me in many ways throughout my time as a General Motors dealer.  When it came time for me to sell, I only thought of working with her.  I owned one dealership, my grown children had other careers and I was concerned about dealership consolidation, the coming of electric vehicles and my ability to remain competitive into the future.  I had Nancy and her team of experts evaluate my dealership and I got a fair and honest opinion based on fact and reality.  I really appreciated the honesty and transparency from true professionals who were not out to give me ‘pie in the sky’ numbers just to get my business.

Carrie, who delivered outstanding Canadian buyers, made a complicated transaction easy and I was able to maintain the confidentiality of my sale up to the end.  Everyone at Nancy Phillips Associates is caring, competent, reassuring and patient.  I know they all were concerned about me and what this sale meant to my future.  I would not work with any other Broker and urge anyone interested in selling their dealership to contact Nancy Phillips Associates."

Doug Racine, Former Owner / Willie Racine's Inc. Jeep | S. Burlington, VT   

"Most important to my family and me was Nancy Phillips’ experience and negotiation skills. We’re a family business, and this was the first and only time that we were going to sell our dealership. Nancy’s expertise was extremely valuable, since it was important to us to maintain good business relationships with everyone involved. Having her in the middle to handle all the “back-and-forth” made things go smoothly. She resolved any differences very professionally, like a personal buffer who was willing to accommodate all parties and keep us focused on moving forward. She advised us and made us feel at ease with the process as we moved along to a great conclusion." 

Dick Mariano / Former Owner / Dick Mariano Chrysler / Kennebunk, ME 

As many do, I waited longer than I should to try to get out of my dealership.  In a time of great stress, I put myself in the hands of Nancy Phillips Associates.  Nancy and her team handled the termination of my franchise and the sale of all my business assets for me – quickly and with great professionalism and class.  I know that if it were not for the focus, coaching and expertise of Nancy Phillips Associates, I would have given up, closed my doors and walked away with much less than I received. 

Regina Carusi / Subaru of Milford, Inc. / Milford, NH 

Nancy Phillips was highly recommended to me by a friend whose dealership she had recently sold.  Nancy made me feel at ease right from the start.  She is a very caring person with a positive attitude and never made me feel pressured in anyway and handled every aspect of selling my dealership for me.  She is an excellent listener as well as an effective communicator.  Above all, she put my needs first and found a great buyer who fit exactly what I felt my dealership needed.  I admire Nancy for her honesty, knowledge and tenacity and suggest to anyone interested in selling that having Nancy to represent you is far better than trying to sell your dealership without her. 

Tom Cantin |Former Owner of Cantin Chevrolet | Laconia, NH

"My grandfather and father were both car dealers before me and my dealership has been in my family for 95 years. When it was clear that my children were not going to follow me into the business, I started to think about my own exit strategy.  I’ve always known of Nancy Phillips because of her excellent reputation in the industry and so when I was ready to sell, I reached out to her.

I had a specific buyer in mind but didn’t have a sense of what a fair price was. Nancy helped with two big pieces: valuing the business and handling the transaction. I’ve been asked by several of my dealer contemporaries ‘Did you really need to have someone handle the sale?’ And I told them ‘Yes because of the things you don’t know about selling a dealership. There was a huge benefit in having a sounding board in Nancy, someone to ask questions like, should this part be happening? Is this right? She handled everything from the factory to the buyer which made this a smooth transaction. Her rapport with General Motors was an enormous advantage in and of itself.

Nancy knows the process and was a liaison for us as we worked through the sale. Her office was great at keeping everything flowing and letting me know when I needed to get paperwork back to them or giving me a heads up about what the buyer would need down the road. Terry in her office would politely check back in to make sure our homework was done in time. Yes, you could do it yourself, but it would be with a lot more pain and very possibly, less money in your pocket when all was said and done."

Sheree Kaplan of Kaplan Auto Group | Buyer of Rochester Volkswagen | Rochester, NH

"I’ve worked with Nancy on other transactions, and she has a real knack for knowing which buyer and seller will be a good fit. She knows I’ve been looking to expand and when she comes across a dealership she thinks would work well, she gives me a call.  Nancy is very professional and honest, and I enjoy working with her because I know that there’s never any B.S. Her staff is excellent and they are all very good at what they do.  


I’ve recommended Nancy to countless other dealers. I say, ‘If you are thinking of selling your store, you need to talk with Nancy Phillips. She will guide you through the whole process, she’s up front, honest and very easy to deal with. The process of buying or selling a dealership can be stressful, but she makes you feel comfortable throughout. You know you are in good hands. She studies the market and when she prices your store, you know it’s going to be fair. And likewise, if you’re going to buy, you know it’s a fair price and she presents you with all of the material you need to make your decision." 

Jeff Moore | Former owner of Wells River Chevrolet | Wells River, VT


"If you’re in the car business, you know who Nancy Phillips is and when I was deciding whether to sell, I picked up the phone and called her. We had a great conversation, during which she explained the process and how she would arrive at a valuation for the dealership before listing. About a month later, she came back with a price that she felt she could sell for and gave me some options, including a chance to expand if I wanted to take that path. After thinking carefully about what I wanted next in my life and the current market conditions, I decided to sell if I could be assured that Nancy would find someone who was going to take care of my staff. 


When Nancy called me about her discussions with Abel Toll,  I was thrilled. I felt that the Autosaver Group would be the best option for the longevity of the business. The whole process from start to finish was incredibly smooth. Nancy and her team were just amazing to work with, they took care of problems and intercepted issues before I even knew about them. It made the process so much easier than it would have been otherwise.  Working with Nancy is the way to go, she’s been doing this for three decades and really knows what she’s doing." 

Jay Mattie | Former owner of Mattie Volkswagen Audi | Fall Rover, MA

"Nancy Phillips has been a powerhouse in the industry for over 30 years. When we were considering who to hire to represent our company, her name was on everyone’s list.  In our initial meeting, she laid out the framework of how everything worked and all of the services her company would provide and made us feel very comfortable. She put us together with a top automotive real estate appraisal company, an excellent environmental company, an efficient parts inventory firm and everything else we needed to prepare ourselves for a seamless sale. Her entire staff made us feel very comfortable throughout the process. Nancy Phillips Associates was of vital importance to the control of our sale. Both sides of the transaction were supported and guided to a successful closing and NPA’s efforts protected us from any trip falls during our transition from Dealers to Retirees."                                                      

Ryan Eschbach | Former owner of Orange Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram | Orange, MA   

“I have dealt with three other brokers aside from Nancy Phillips Associates throughout the years and if you add all three of the other guys up they don’t even come close to touching the level of service we got from Nancy Phillips Associates - there really is no comparison. We initially thought our size transaction might be too small to work on but Nancy treated us how we would imagine a larger client would be treated, with priority and respect. The communication of the entire team in particular was the absolute best type of communication in a professional setting. If we ever needed anything I knew that if I called Carrie and she didn’t answer, she would call back right away, or email that she was tied up and would get back to me. Typically getting people to return calls is like pulling teeth, but with the team at Nancy Phillips Associates I never had to worry about what’s happening or why they won’t call me back. They were always on top of it!"      

Paul, Michael, John, and Patrick Backus | Former Owners of Mort Backus & Sons  | Ogdensburg, NY

“Finding the right buyer was extremely important to us. Nancy and her group really helped us navigate the path to the buyer that we felt would take care of our employees and customers in the way that we wanted. The NPA team understood how important confidentiality was in protecting the future of our business, and worked hard to maintain our privacy until we were ready to make a move.  From evaluation all the way to closing, this discretion was a real testament to their professionalism and care, and that of the buyer they found for us. 

It was also critical that they understood the rural nature of our business and our clientele. They respected our many unique business traditions and found us a buyer who appreciates our history and marketing philosophy. Communication was great throughout the process. Nancy and Carrie always made time for us, and were never too busy to take our calls or answer our questions. They took great care to maintain consensus between the four owners. 

Nancy Phillips Associates gave us direct access to all the resources we needed, from appraisal, to parts inventory, to environmental assessment, to lawyers for the real estate and the business itself – which made everything happen on schedule, as smoothly as possible.  We are very happy with the results, and appreciate NPA’s work."

Johanna Cicotte | Miller Auto Group | Lebanon, NH

"Obtaining manufacturer approval for a franchise can be challenging, and I didn’t want to attempt it myself. I had worked with Nancy in the past, and knew that she and her team are excellent – in fact, the BEST. Without a doubt, Nancy’s work streamlined and shortened the whole process. She has all the right contacts and knows how to navigate her way through the system. She and her team lined everything up and supplied everything that was needed resulting in a very fast franchise approval turnaround. Nancy is a true professional who knows what she’s doing. She not only facilitated my transaction, but she also gave me recommendations for valuable resources that ended up saving me time and money. I gained a new floor plan source, and a new accountant, who’ve become incredible assets to me and my business. I would never even consider purchasing another dealership or selling a store without involving Nancy Phillips Associates, they are “the whole package” and their work and guidance are absolutely worth every penny!"

Mike and Mark Chapdelaine / Chapdelaine Truck Center | Lunenburg, MA

We were impressed with the overall professionalism of Nancy and her team. She certainly performed due diligence in determining a fair and equitable value for our two franchises, and expertly guided us through the sale process.  She was always approachable, returned our calls promptly, and quickly addressed any questions or concerns. She also did a fantastic job of providing us with legal assistance. We were pleased with the experience and the outcome of her work to successfully sell our dealership.  

Sheree Kaplan-Allen, President / Kaplan Auto Group / RI MA NH 

Nancy and her team could not have made the purchase of Milford Subaru any easier or more seamless.  Dealership transactions can be a nightmare but Nancy has this process down to a science!  Her professionalism goes far beyond expectations.  She is both friendly and easy to talk to but most importantly she understands the auto industry in general and the dealer’s specific needs.  Nancy is constantly thinking of what’s best for her clients both in the short and long term.  I look forward to our next transaction and a long lasting relationship with Nancy Phillips Associates. 

William F. Jeffrey, V. P. / GM / Fred W. Smith, Inc. Wakefield, RI 
Recently, Nancy Phillips of Nancy Phillips Associates, Inc. handled the sale of one of our dealerships.  Nancy is detail oriented, very professional and well qualified.  She knows what she is doing at all times.  She did the worrying for us.  

 Robert McGee, President | McGee Toyota | Hanover, MA  

Regarding Exeter, NH-based Nancy Phillips Associates, Rob added, "Nancy Phillips and her team's professionalism and attention to detail, in conjunction with the help and support of property owner Peter Mans, made for a successful and stress-free transaction". 

Wade Walker | Former owner, Walker Motors Inc.| Barre-Montpelier, VT
I’ve worked with Nancy several times over the years – as buyer and seller – and I always find her and her team to be professional and very easy to work with.  They keep in constant touch about what’s happening, and work to try different solutions to get to the end result of a successful sale.  Nancy completely understands what’s involved with selling a long-standing family dealership, and walks you through the process to achieve positive results. 

Nicholas Gallo, President / Gallo Motor Center Corp. / Worcester, MA 

   Nancy Phillips represents me whenever I want to buy or sell a dealership.  Her negotiation skills are exceptional and she never gives up.  Her expertise includes managing all agreements and contracts and coordinating attorneys, accountants and the franchisor.  When it comes to growing my business, I won’t do anything without her.

David L. Starkey, President | Starkey Ford | York, ME 

From my first meeting with Nancy Phillips to the last, Nancy was professional in every way.  Nancy advised me wisely in regards to the process.  Starting with an honest, accurate evaluation of my business and real estate, she then directed me to the right buyer.  Nancy has been side by side with me throughout the whole process.  Representing me as well as the buyer made the whole transaction easier. Nancy’s expert staff made every part of the sale smooth.  What I appreciated most about Nancy was her honesty, integrity and ability to keep things moving.  From environmental testing, accountants and lawyers, all the way through the actual closing, Nancy was focused and determined.  I would highly recommend anyone who wants to sell or purchase a car dealership to contact Nancy and let her work for you. 

Brian Hoar, Owner / Goss Jeep and Goss Dodge | S. Burlington, VT 

"This was the first transaction I’ve done using a broker. I had initially planned to work directly with the seller, but I’m very glad that Nancy Phillips was involved! Her vast experience and the level of trust she brought to both sides of the transaction were critical to the success of the whole process. She knows this business inside and out. Her expertise with determining the value of a business helps make owners comfortable before getting into an agreement. The process itself has many challenges, such as when lawyers press for different directions, but Nancy bridges the gap with outstanding mediation skills that bring everyone back to the middle, to get focused and across the finish line – so before you know it, all parties are pleased." 

Steven Pelletier | Pelletier Automotive Group, | Fort Kent, ME 

Nancy really knows how to get things done!  This is the third dealership I’ve bought with her team’s help. This latest deal probably wouldn’t have happened if not for her.  I was less motivated since it wasn’t in my hometown – but Nancy had great communication and really sold me on the idea.  Her persistence and guidance motivated me and it was clear that she definitely cares for the interests of both buyer and seller throughout the whole process.  She is tough, but she has a heart!  These transactions can be complicated and full of deadlines, but she’s done so many that there are few questions she can’t answer.  There are easy and hard ways to do things – and Nancy makes it easy. 

Dick Wagner, President / Wagner Ford and Nissan / Simsbury, CT   
Nancy Phillips focused on my needs and interests, both in identifying and qualifying prospects and in negotiating our transaction.  Her reputation for sincerity, thoroughness and integrity is well deserved. 

Joel Baker, Partner / Durand Buick GMC Cadillac | Leominster, MA 

My situation was unique, as I went from owning a stand-alone Cadillac dealership, to forming a partnership with Rick Durand, and the partnership purchased a Buick GMC dealership. This complicated transaction would have been very difficult to complete without Nancy’s expertise in putting all the pieces together. She identified several issues very quickly, and then focused on getting everything aligned so it was acceptable to all parties. Nancy is excellent at navigating the manufacturers’ landscape, and really knows the “ins and outs” of what they look for before they will approve a transaction. Nancy and her team streamlined the whole process and finalized everything quickly and professionally. 

Celeste & Anthony Michel | Former Owners, Automobile International-Rutland, VT 

We initially selected Nancy Phillips because she is experienced and well-respected in the New England market, and has business longevity and many industry connections.  We had two unconventional transactions going on at once – with the sale/relocation of the Cadillac franchise, and simultaneous realignment of Volvo.  The best-case scenario was for both of them to close at the same time – and it happened!  We were new to the process, but Nancy kept us organized and focused.  She and her team were resourceful, creative, and respectful of our goals.  We worked well together, and everything went perfectly as planned, with no surprises or disappointments. 

Andy Jessup / Jessup Auto Plaza / Cathedral City, CA                  

This was a complicated transaction and I hired Nancy Phillips to represent my interests because I realized that her expertise in the issues we faced relative to General Motors and her ability to conduct negotiations far exceeded my own.  It wasn’t as easy as we expected but we got it done thanks to Nancy and her great team of people.  They kept us calm and focused at the appropriate moments.  There is no doubt in my mind that if it were not for them we would not be the full line General Motors dealership group that we are today.” 

Steven Wasley, Former Dealer / Wasley Buick Olds., Inc. / Bristol, CT          

With Project 2000 realignment problems facing me and a Discontinue Notice from one of my franchisors, I thought I’d never get out of my dealership and its expensive real estate.  Nancy Phillips Associates sold both the business and the property in short order and orchestrated all aspects of the extremely difficult approval process with General Motors.     

Paul Holloway, Owner / Holloway Automotive Group / Greenland, NH     
Past President NADA / Past President and Honorary Director NHADA     Nancy Phillips Associates is a first-class team of professionals.  For over 20 years, Nancy has delivered excellent follow-through and accuracy in representing my interests as buyer and seller.  There are never any surprises and she does what she says she’ll do – through meticulous planning, discretion and attention to detail.  


Donna Bard | Former Owner, Cole Whitney Ford (now Pelletier Ford) | Lincoln, ME 

After my Dad passed, people assumed I would manage our family business.  I had always loved the automotive atmosphere and my work in supporting it for the past 25 years, but after trying my hand at being “the boss”, I concluded that I couldn’t do it in a meaningful way.  That’s where Nancy Phillips came in.  She understood my situation and was extremely helpful to me, as well as my mother.  She respected that we wanted a buyer from the northern part of the state, with a genuine small-town understanding.  She did everything she could to find a buyer that would fit well with our community and our customers.  But beyond that, Nancy was great at the “human side” of the transaction.  She was very calming and reassuring, and even though much of our contact was over the phone, she was always available when I called and very responsive to my emails. Her whole team was excellent and I highly recommend them.  Our transaction happened quickly and smoothly, in just four months.  I’m still here, on the office staff – doing what I love to do. 

Nancy Phillips is very professional, discreet and knowledgeable about the car business.  She put together many dealership transactions for us that we would not otherwise have been able to acquire.  Throughout each transaction, Nancy was extremely supportive – she did everything I asked her to do and more! 

David Rosenberg, Principal / Ira Motor Group / Danvers, MA   

Donald ‘Hulk’ Gagnon / Rochester Truck Inc. / Rochester, NH 

What can I say about Nancy Phillips?  If you are worried about people finding out you are trying to sell your business… Nancy will advise you.  If you are worried about how everything will fall into place… Nancy will explain it to you.  If you are concerned about who to get, from environmental surveys to automotive attorneys… Nancy will assist you.  If you are worried about the procedures and methods of making this happen… Nancy will guide you through the process.  I worried about all these things and then some, Nancy Phillips made a major life changing event go relatively smoothly.  There was a lot of stress on my end, but Nancy pulled things together.  She would pick up the phone, call me, keep me abreast of everything that was transpiring, reassuring me that things would all fall into place.  Nancy had a plan to make it happen and she did. 

Nancy Phillips has many contacts and professionals she works with.  I used all her connections to complete everything necessary to make this sale materialize.  If you find yourself in the market to sell your business, do not hesitate to call Nancy Phillips.  I am glad I did. 

Nancy Phillips Associates has been instrumental in putting together several clean, smooth transactions from start to finish for us over the past 12 years.  Nancy is the best!  She really does her homework and presents estimates, statistics and growth/value predictions that are extremely accurate. 

Jeffrey P. Thompson / Thompson Family of Dealerships / Nashua, NH   

Nancy Phillips completely executed the sale of my dealership!  Her outstanding rapport with manufacturers was a major key to closing the sale.  Nancy Phillips Associates’ professionalism is highly respected throughout the industry and I absolutely recommend using their services. 

David Hebert / Former Owner / Sutton Motors / Sutton, MA   

John Mattera / Pilgrim Motors / North Kingstown, RI   

Nancy has helped me reach my goals as both a seller and a buyer.  I appreciate that she is a ‘regular’ person who is comfortable to work with.  She is tenacious but professional, and never offensive or off-putting. She is resourceful and creative, always keeping her eye on your goals. Many people in her industry promise more than they deliver, but she delivers real results. Nancy’s a ‘sharp-shooter’ – she doesn’t use a machine gun, and there’s no noise, chaos or wasted steps. She just gets the job done in a quiet, discrete, effective way.  Anyone who does business with her will be happy with the results -- particularly with the sale of a long-running business. 

Wade Walker / Walker Imports, Inc. / Barre, VT

It’s a huge transition to sell a long-standing family dealership.  Nancy is unique in that she understands both the business AND personal aspect of dealership sales.  Beyond efficiently putting together the business of the sale, she understands how emotional it can be, and considers the dealer’s well-being throughout the process. A lot of professionals can sell, but Nancy really cared about my personal health throughout the transaction, as well as after the sale.  Nancy is extremely effective because she “gets” both the people and the business of her work.    

Hugh Fiore, President / Harbor Motors, Inc. / Old Saybrook, CT   

Nancy Phillips Associates found a genuine buyer for my dealership in the middle of the industry downturn and bail out.  It wasn't an easy thing to do and your time commitment involved because of the circumstances was enormous.  You always went above and beyond the call of duty and represented me in a highly professional manner.  Len, Nancy and the entire staff at Nancy Phillips Associates did a wonderful job for me and I offer my highest recommendation to anyone seeking an automotive broker who truly cares about them.  

The team at Nancy Phillips Associates had proven to be an excellent resource in helping me tackle the difficult task of successfully selling my former dealership property.  Their extensive knowledge of today’s real estate market coupled with automotive expertise and industry contacts resulted in a very timely sale for me – and a new location for DeCormier Nissan.
Matt Riley / former owner of Dillon Ford / Manchester, CT

It was a pleasure to work once again with Nancy and her team.  Their tenacious efforts on my behalf finally came together to a very satisfactory conclusion. When you decide to work with Nancy Phillips Associates you realize that no matter what the size of the transaction, Nancy and her highly professional and very friendly staff stay with it until the job is done.

Gregory Marino / Former owner of AutoTorium Auto Group /  Hooksett and Plaistow, NH   

I interviewed several brokers to sell my dealership but chose Nancy Phillips because right from the start she seemed to thoroughly understand my needs and concerns. Nancy Phillips is very knowledgeable about the industry and made me feel comfortable working with her throughout the process.  She did her due diligence in identifying and helping me to select the best potential client and I am very happy with the results. 

Joseph Paolozzi, Owner / Paolozzi’s Car World, Inc. / Marcy, NY                            

By the time I hired Nancy Phillips, I couldn’t wait to get out from under my dealership.  We had many issues and we didn’t know how to handle many of them with our franchisor and with prospective buyers.  Nancy came in, assessed the situation, knew what needed to be done to get the most out of my dealership assets and pulled the whole thing together in a very professional manner.  I know she always had my best interests at heart and her ability to work directly with the franchisor was responsible for me getting out of an over-dealered market in the best possible way.Mark Medeiros / Former Owner / Ralph’s Auto Sales, Inc. / N. Dartmouth, MA   

Nancy was recommended to us by several other dealers. She has represented our company in different transactions as both Buyers and Sellers and every time she has successfully handled many difficult situations with total honesty and integrity. She always maintains a clear, concise line of communication with everyone involved including the franchisor and all of the attorneys and accountants. Nancy has met and exceeded our expectations and my entire family is very pleased with the results she has obtained for


Dennis Gaudet / AutoServ of Tilton / Tilton, NH 

Nancy's knowledge and guidance made the entire purchasing process run smoothly. There was no question or problem that she didn't have an answer or solution for.  Her personal contacts with Ford were especially helpful and made all the difference in our success. 
Steven Pelletier / Pelletier Ford / Fort Kent, ME 

 I hired Nancy Phillips Associates because they are professional, discreet and committed to their clients.  I have other businesses to run and did not want all of the distractions that are part of any complex transaction.  Lenny kept us all "on point" whenever stress or emotion inherent in selling a dealership began to wear on one or both parties.  I have used Nancy and her company in the past as a consultant and would recommend all of their services. 
Stephen Lannan, Owner / Lannan Mitsubishi / Portsmouth, NH   

I hired Nancy to determine a realistic value for my dealership and to put together the right structure for a complicated situation even though I already had a buyer in mind. Having Nancy represent me made me feel very comfortable and being a step removed from my buyer allowed me to express my concerns and problems without doing any damage to the potential sale.  Nancy knew exactly what to do to obtain franchisor approval and was highly effective from start to finish.  If I had to do it over again, I would do it exactly the same way. 

Norman Martin / Martin Ford, Inc. / Fort Kent, ME       

I’ve known Nancy for over 20 years starting when I bought my dealership and she was the Broker.  Through my work on the board and as past president of Massachusetts State Auto Dealers Association, Nancy was always very supportive, particularly of our charitable activities. So when I decided to retire, it was natural that I talked with Nancy.  I had some very specific goals and criteria and she listened and provided just exactly what I was looking for in a very short time.  My wife and I met with Nancy in January of 2010 and we had a strong prospect by March.  Nancy did a great job finding the buyer I wanted as well as guiding me through the critical details of the transaction.

Dana Goodfield, Owner / Dana’s Automotive / Northampton, MA 

Past President of Massachusetts State Auto Dealers Association   

I first met Nancy when I engaged her to perform several dealership evaluations for buy/sell agreements, and I was very impressed with her work.  As second-generation owners of two dealerships with multiple brands, my partners and I didn’t hesitate to call Nancy again, to facilitate the sale of our Nissan franchise.  Nancy knew all the agreements and guided us through all the steps.  She is very knowledgeable, timely, and detail-oriented.  Once again, we were very pleased with the transaction. 

Glenn Shepard / Shepard Nissan, Inc. / Rockland, ME   

We are very pleased with the efforts of Nancy Phillips Associates on our behalf.  Len Leibowitz went out of his way to insure that the sale of our dealership moved forward.  His continuous communication with us, the buyer and franchisor from the beginning and all the way through the closing kept this deal together.  We appreciate Lenny, Nancy and the entire staff at Nancy Phillips Associates.  Each one of them cared about doing their very best for us.  Len Leibowitz went out of his way to insure that the sale of our dealership moved forward.  His continuous communication with us, the buyer and franchisor from the beginning and all the way through the closing kept this deal together.  We appreciate Lenny, Nancy and the entire staff at Nancy Phillips Associates.  Each one of them cared about doing their very best for us. 

James Burgess, President / Kia of New Bedford / New Bedford, MA                                                

Nancy Phillips is an absolute professional!  She represented both the seller and buyer with great integrity in this acquisition and her work was OUTSTANDING.  I just can’t speak highly enough about her and her team.  Nancy is a genuine, super person who really ‘knows her stuff’.  She guided me every step of the way and I was thoroughly impressed with her.

Joseph Steet / Steet Toyota / Yorkville, NY 


Nancy Phillips was instrumental in putting together a solid deal for me.  Her knowledge of the factory approval process and her expertise in working with her factory contacts were the keys lthat facilitated a quick and smooth transaction.  Nancy knows the industry players and the market and she is well-respected by manufacturers.  This was the second dealership I’ve bought with Nancy’s services and I’m always impressed with her ability to make things happen.

John Isaacson / Lee Auto Malls / Auburn, ME   

Nancy Phillips has an uncanny way of protecting both the Buyer and Seller from themselves in any dealership transaction. Somehow, regardless of all the obstacles inherent in almost every deal, she manages to get everyone through it successfully by putting the right buyer and seller together from the beginning and then finding great solutions to any problems that come up during the transaction. She has great connections with all of the franchisors and knows how to handle franchise applications and approvals better than anyone. I have used her both for selling one of my dealerships and for buying and if you have any thought to buy or sell a dealership, I recommend you do the same!Vicki Marcinkevich / Team Nissan / Manchester, NH   

Nancy's years of experience have allowed her to establish contacts within all the manufacturers and she can often make a phone call that helps move the process along.  Once she gets a signed contract, she remains actively involved in the entire process from beginning to end because of her ability to work with the manufacturers, attorneys and accountants.  Nancy is very good at keeping both sides focused on the important issues, and bringing the transaction to a successful close. 

Jay Darling / Darlings, Inc. / Augusta-Bangor-Ellsworth, ME 


Nancy Phillips Associates is a great company to do business with.  Lenny Leibowitz was able to provide options that helped us sort through opportunities, until we found the right one for us.  His dedication and expertise created a very smooth process between buyer, seller and franchisor.  Everyone at Nancy Phillips Associates is knowledgeable and dedicated to their work and we always felt that we were in capable hands. 

Said Yahyapour, Owner / Stratham Mitsubishi / Stratham, NH 

Len Leibowitz at Nancy Phillips Associates was patient and helpful throughout the process of purchasing Beranger Volkswagen.  His honesty and integrity created a good rapport between myself and the dealership owners and I never had to question what was told to me.  The professional support provided by Nancy Phillips Associates and the personal involvement of the whole staff gave me a sense of comfort throughout the transaction. 

Dwight Wissler, Owner / Volkswagen of Rochester / Rochester, NH   

Bob and I found that working with Nancy Phillips Associates was very professional, very discreet and very quick. If we had tried to do this on our own, we would not have had the contacts that Nancy has.  In recommending Nancy, I would like to let other dealers know how professional her entire staff is.  I honestly cannot think of anything they could have done better than they did for us. 

Karen Beranger, Owner / Beranger Volkswagen / Rochester, NH                           

Nancy Phillips Associates was extremely beneficial in so many ways.  Nancy is an expert on dealership values and her pricing was imperative.  She understood how to present my business and I believe I got a fair price because of her.  Her ability to negotiate with the buyers, her close contacts with the factory and her staff's efforts to keep me informed every step of the way were invaluable.  With her knowledge of the industry and everything that is involved - every seller needs someone like her. 

Clyde Lewis, Owner / Morrison Chevrolet / Ellsworth, ME   

I bought this store through Nancy 15 years ago and when I decided that I wanted to sell, she was the one phone call that I made.  She did an evaluation of the store and gave me a good idea of what the market value would be.  Her pricing was right on the money.  Nancy knows the manufacturers and has a good relationship with them. Nancy was direct and to the point throughout the entire process, never once did I feel that my best interests were not being protected.  She found a buyer in a short period of  time and we closed on the deal quickly.  If I am going to look for a store in the future, Nancy is the one person I will call.

Dan Enxing, Owner / Subaru of Nashua / Nashua, NH   

This is the second dealership that I have purchased through Nancy Phillips within the last 2 years.  Each of my dealerships was unique and there were many obstacles to overcome, in particular with the franchisers.  Nancy was my liaison with General Motors and was essential to the approval process and negotiations relative to my facility upgrade.  She was also responsible for creating excellent rapport between myself, the Seller and GM.  If not for her expertise and contacts, I would not have the two dealerships I have today. 

Steve Pelletier, Owner / Valley Motors / Fort Kent, ME 

The sale of a dealership is never black and white.  I have consulted with Nancy Phillips over the last 10 years regarding my long term plan for my dealership and when the time came to sell, I wanted Nancy to represent me.  She and her company were always available throughout the transaction and are knowledgeable, professional and very detail oriented.  I felt it was much less stressful having Nancy represent me and that nothing was left to chance.  The buyers that Nancy put in place have already done a great job with my dealership and will continue to add to my community. 

Robert Capalbo, Owner / America Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep / Westerly, RI 

Keeping your estate plan current is important for everyone and when you own multiple dealerships it can be even more complex.  I have been fortunate to have Nancy Phillips Associates by my side throughout my automotive career not only for assessing the value of dealerships I have considered for acquisitions but also for determining and keeping current the value of my dealership holdings for both estate and tax purposes.  There is no one in this industry who is better suited to understand and document the value of dealerships than Nancy Phillips and her team of very professional people. 

Paul Holloway, Owner / Holloway Automotive Group / Greenland, NH 

Past President NADA / Past President and Honorary Director NHADA     

When I decided to sell my dealership I knew I wanted Nancy Phillips to represent me.  She handled everything for me and even brought in the right environmental company to clear up an open issue.  Within a month of listing my dealership, she delivered several qualified purchasers and helped me decide who would be the right buyer to work with.  She protected me every step of the way and worked directly with the franchiser to insure that everything happened quickly.  The entire transaction took less than 6 months from start to finish and that never would have happened without her.  She knows all the buyers, has great rapport with the franchisers and I felt like everyone on her staff was there for me. 

Thomas Lyons, Owner / Bennington Subaru / Bennington, VT 

Nancy Phillips is very experienced in every aspect of the retail auto business.  Prior to establishing her brokerage and consulting business she was General Manager for many years for one of the biggest and best Honda dealerships in the NY area.  Eventually she moved to New England and became a Subaru dealer before establishing her highly successful consulting and brokering agency.  In the course of my career I have come in contact with many auto brokers.  Some were good….some were bad, but I can tell you with certainty that Nancy Phillips is the best, brightest and most reliable professional in the business.  If Nancy is available to work with you….you will be very fortunate. 

George McCabe, Former President / Mazda North American Operations    

Nancy Phillips was recommended to me by a colleague who had sold his dealership through her within the last year.  After losing our facility to a fire, I was left trying to sell the assets and land to the buyer, without a building!  I knew a sale was going to be complicated.  As the Network manager said, "this is the first time in 30 years that I have seen a sale without a facility"! 


Nancy's true value came in with her experience working with the factory personal to find creative solutions to "we haven't done this before".  Throughout the process, she kept all three parties on task, and moving in a positive direction.  This was one of the toughest deals I have structured over the years, and I must say that without her in the middle, I don't think it would have happened.  Nancy has a knack for representing all parties fairly, and continuously pushing toward closure.  Her services were money well spent. 

Carl Theriault, Owner / Valley Auto Sales / Fort Kent, ME                               

I first met Nancy Phillips a few years ago while doing some estate planning and she provided very detailed estimates for the value of all four of my Rhode Island dealerships. I found Nancy and her associates to have a solid knowledge of business conditions in New England as well as the broader market, all of which gave me the information needed to make informed decisions. 


When I decided that I wanted to consolidate my businesses by selling the Woonsocket Buick GMC store, which is one of the largest in New England, I naturally consulted with Nancy and her team.  This being my first dealership, there were many considerations as to value, getting a buyer that I would feel confident in to continue to take exceptional care of my customers and the team that I would be leaving behind, and also navigating through the maze of franchisor and state approvals.  On all fronts Nancy Phillips Associates excelled, in fact she even had the right buyer within days of listing the dealership.  As with any sale as complicated as an Automobile Dealership, there were many hurdles to overcome and Nancy was very clear headed, calm and professional throughout the entire process. 


I would not hesitate to recommend Nancy Phillips Associates to any dealer that is seeking information regarding their business, potential options, or professional informed advice. 

Paul Masse, Owner / Paul Masse Buick GMC, Inc. / Woonsocket, RI   

We have worked with Nancy Phillips over the last 20 years and she has been responsible for a good number of our acquisitions.  Nancy knows all about our business model and has been incredibly instrumental in bringing us the right new opportunities to enhance our dealership group.  She has looked out for us throughout her career and even been known to push us in the right direction when we were too busy to see it for ourselves.  In every transaction that she has facilitated, nothing escapes her attention to detail.  Her staff is great and they know how to negotiate and manage a dealership acquisition from start to finish so that it runs smoothly and seamlessly. 

Abel Toll and Ronney Lyster / AutoSaver Group / NH VT NY   

Whether you are a buyer or seller of a franchised automotive dealership, I can without reservation strongly recommend Nancy Phillips and her very able organization to represent you.  I can unequivocally attest to their enthusiasm, integrity and ability.  During our transaction Nancy repeatedly demonstrated concern for me and my employees well- being and best interests.  Her approach from beginning to closing was very professional, but appropriately aggressive, including bringing to bear all the ingredients necessary to getting the deal done! 

Paul West, Owner / West Chevrolet / Woodbury, CT    

We have dealt with Nancy Phillips Associates now on two dealership acquisitions. I can say both would not have happened without Nancy being involved; she has a very professional team that understands the car business completely.  Nancy kept everything moving forward and made the closings hassle free for both parties.  I would highly recommend Nancy Phillips Associates.  I know I look forward to dealing with her again in the future. 

Robert F. Tasca, Jr., President / Tasca Automotive Group, Inc. / Cranston, RI   

I was brought to Nancy Phillips Associates through my relationship with the seller and knew that she was very well respected in her field.  Nancy lived up to her reputation and more.  From A to Z this transaction was a complete pleasure, everything went smoothly and Nancy was highly professional in every single facet.  I would highly recommend Nancy Phillips Associates. 

Robert F. Tasca, Jr., President / Tasca Automotive Group, Inc. / Cranston, RI                                                        

Nancy Phillips was highly recommended to me by a friend whose dealership she had recently sold.  Nancy made me feel at ease right from the start.  She is a very caring person with a positive attitude and never made me feel pressured in anyway and handled every aspect of selling my dealership for me.  She is an excellent listener as well as an effective communicator.  Above all, she put my needs first and found a great buyer who fit exactly what I felt my dealership needed.  I admire Nancy for her honesty, knowledge and tenacity and suggest to anyone interested in selling that having Nancy to represent you is far better than trying to sell your dealership without her. 

Regina Carusi / Subaru of Milford, Inc. / Milford, NH            

I would like to thank Nancy Phillips and her exceptional team for the sale of my dealership to Motor City Group.  Nancy handled every phase of this process from presenting my dealership, through negotiations, overseeing legal counsel, coordination of environmental site assessments, parts inventory and so much more.  This was not an easy undertaking due to the location of my dealership and the franchisor’s requirements, yet Nancy worked very long and hard, which resulted in the final sale.  


I owned my dealership for 25 years and many of my employees were with me for the entire time so their future was of great concern to me.  I am particular appreciative that Nancy took my concerns about my company, my employees and my future plans very seriously and made sure to find the perfect buyer.  If you, or anyone you know, is thinking about buying or selling a dealership, I highly recommend Nancy and everyone that works with her.  Thank you Nancy and Staff.  Life is good! 

George H. Newcomb (Rusty), Owner / Newcomb Motors, Inc. / Orange, MA  

I came to hear about Nancy from a trusted friend in the car industry.  When describing her, he simply said, "She's the best." After having worked with Nancy and her team, I can definitely say that was an understatement.  Everyone who's been involved in a dealership transaction knows how complex they are and that challenges are guaranteed to come up.  Nancy and her team made the transaction smooth and easy and helped us to a great result very quickly when time mattered.  If you are buying or selling a car dealership, you're already making a large mistake if your first step is something other than calling Nancy Phillips Associates.
Colin Laitner, Esq. / Deeter Mazda / Houston, TX

When I decided to retire, I hired Nancy Phillips to represent me because of her excellent reputation.  My dealership had some complicated issues to address and I felt that the staff of Nancy Phillips Associates was there for me throughout the entire transaction.  Everyone who works for Nancy is not only highly professional but also both friendly and caring.  Nancy has the right connections to handle every possible issue and she was relentless in working on my behalf. 

Gerald (Gerry) Shea, Owner / Shea Motor Company/ Middlebury, VT 

Selling a dealership is truly a stressful event.  Nancy Phillips was there every step of the way to insure that the entire transaction ran smoothly for all the parties involved.  From establishing market values, to determining who would be the best buyer for my dealership and all the way through the approval process and the closing - Nancy and all of her staff have been wonderful!! 
Bob Vittengl, Owner/ Vittengl Ford/ Comstock, NY    

Nancy Phillips and her incredible team brought what my partners and I thought was nothing more than a dream to reality in a short span of time.  Since opening our first dealership, we have found there are two types of companies we have partnered with:  ones who offer only their product or service, and those that offer invaluable guidance and advice in addition to the service they provide.  Nancy and her company are hands down the latter, and by far one of the best teams we have partnered with.  She brought her years of experience, connections with top class partners and an exceptional team to guide us to the finish line. 


Finishing the transaction was a huge moment in our company’s progression, and it would not have been possible without the expert help from Nancy.  Throughout the process she was always available to speak with and had the answers we needed to proceed.  For any business owner with an already full plate, Nancy should be the go-to. 


Separate from the technical know-how, one of the most important things about Nancy is she cares about the success of not just the deal, but what happens after the deal.  For example, throughout the process some of our conversations turned from the details of the deal to excited discussions on ideas for marketing.  Nancy’s energy and enthusiasm throughout the process were absolutely invaluable.  I would highly recommend Nancy and her team to anyone needing assistance in a transaction. 

Logan Kelly, Motor City Automotive Group / Rochester, NH        

New Owner of Orange Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram / Orange, MA    

When I decided to sell my Toyota and Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram stores late last year, I really had little idea of what they were actually worth in today’s market.  I had heard, like most other dealers, all kinds of rumors about blue sky numbers that seemed either crazy high or crazy low, but had little way of knowing what was real.  It was obviously of vital importance to price them correctly.  This is not like miss-pricing a used car, where you can go buy another one and try it again.  I only had one time to sell my stores and I wanted to do the best I could without pricing at a level that was not realistic. 


I retained Nancy Phillips for help in this process.  Nancy walked me through the various options available and had real market valuations for what stores like mine had been selling for.  She was prompt and was able to document the success of her suggestions.  At the end of the day, I reached an agreement to sell the stores for almost exactly what Nancy had told me they should sell for.  This was exactly what I hoped to accomplish.  I recommend her services for anyone else in a situation like mine. 

Charles Ribakoff / Harr Toyota / Harr Chrysler Jeep Dodge /                                

Worcester, MA