Nancy Phillips Associates

What is Your Dealership Worth?

Our team has worked exclusively in the automotive industry for more than 30 years and has prepared over 1,000 auto dealership evaluations in response to the various needs of our Dealer clients.  Knowing the value of your dealership is a critical factor in making an informed decision about the future of your business, particularly when contemplating selling, estate planning or implementing your exit strategy

NPA has the largest database of comparable sales in New England

Talking with us can help you understand not only the value of your dealership but your position as a business opportunity in your market area. We evaluate dealerships throughout the United States with a concentration in the New England and New York areas.  Our clients include: Auto Dealers,Truck Dealers, Franchisors, Attorneys and Accountants.


When Should You Request a Dealership Evaluation?

  • When you begin to think about selling, you need to understand the market value of your dealership in conjunction with your financial position in order to make the most informed decision. 

  • When you are considering the acquisition of another dealership and are concerned about the sale price, we Nancy Phillips Associates can help you to determine the true value of the offering and the accuracy of the data you have been provided. 

  • To prepare your estate plan or maintain your existing plan by keeping current with dealership values for taxation purposes or to provide for your family through gifting.

  • To keep your business in the family.  The dream for many is to keep your their business in the family which ensures that your their legacy lives on and provides a living for your their heirs.                                                    

  • To establish a history of value to protect you in the event of shareholder dispute, partnership issues or other legal matters.                                                     

  • To provide historical documentation of the changing value of your dealership in support of your tax planning.                                                       

We provide dealership evaluation services for several purposes such as:
  • Sale of Dealership 
  • Estate Planning         
  • Succession Planning 
  • Business Exit Strategic Plan 
  • Partnership Matters 
  • Market Area Consolidation Value 
  • Assessment of Value for Dealership Acquisition       
  • Franchisor Buy Out 
  • Litigation Support (without expert witness services)  


In order to properly value any dealership, the evaluator must have a comprehensive understanding of the market area, demographics, and all other factors that affect its designated market area and the dealers within it.  Our experience in the New England market area is greater than any other Broker doing business in the United States and the number of Dealerships we have sold and Evaluations we have performed far exceeds that of any other firm.