Nancy Phillips Associates

Middlebury Chevrolet Sold to McGee Family of Dealerships

01.11.24 01:45 PM By Carrie Forbes
Nancy Phillips Associates is pleased to announce the sale of Middlebury Chevrolet owned by Chris Mackey of Mackey Auto Group and sold to Rob McGee of McGee Family of Dealerships.

Mackey AutoGroup operates multiple dealerships in upstate New York. Mackey sold the Middlebury dealership, it’s only outpost in Vermont, in order to expand further in it’s primary upstate New York geography. Rob McGee owns dealerships in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont and sought out the Middlebury dealership to enhance his growing footprint in the Vermont market and northern New England market areas.   

Nancy Phillips Associates initiated the sale with Mackey on behalf of Rob McGee insuring that both Buyer and Seller benefitted from a mutually advantageous transaction.

The new dealership is called McGee Chevrolet of Middlebury.

Carrie Forbes