Rutland Subaru Sold to Jose Oliver of Oliver Family Holdings Inc.  

10.13.22 02:28 PM By Carrie Forbes

Nancy Phillips Associates is proud to announce the sale of Rutland Subaru located in Rutland, Vermont to Jose Oliver of Oliver Family Holdings Inc. 

Rutland Subaru, originally known as Kinney Motors, has been doing business in Rutland for over four decades. Its most recent owner relocated from New York to Vermont to work in the dealership and eventually was able to purchase the business.  The dealership will now be known as Oliver Subaru. Oliver was one of the highest performing General Managers at Subaru and other franchised dealerships in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and most recently Vermont. 

What Jose Oliver says about his experience with Nancy Phillips Associates: 

From the moment I started my career in the car business, I wanted to have my own dealership.  But everybody told me it would not be possible for someone from my socioeconomic background, who moved here from another country with nothing. 

Owning your own business is the American dream and even though I thought this was never going to happen for me, I worked really hard and saved every penny that I could.  When I finally had my own resources, I started contacting franchisors and brokers in the industry and was told over and over ‘no you can’t do this’. Nancy Phillips was the only auto dealership broker that cared.  She took the time to sit down and listen to me and then said, Okay Jose, this is what you need to do to get this accomplished, and then 'how can I help you find the way to get there? 

Nancy Phillips Associates delivered the perfect dealership located right near where I lived in Vermont and helped me through every step of the acquisition.  It was an enormous challenge for them as well as for me and without their perseverance and my determination, this would not have come to pass. 

Carrie Forbes