Testimonial: Chris Mackey of Mackey Auto Group

12.01.20 12:49 PM By Carrie Forbes

When the time came to buy his latest dealership, Chris Mackey got more than he expected.

"Nancy's deep roots with manufacturers lend enormous credibility to her transactions.  You truly get a different level of response when you put a package in front of a manufacturer and they know that Nancy Phillips is associated with it.  Whatever the seller paid for Nancy to put this deal together was worth every penny and then some because she put the right buyer with the right seller.  She knows the process inside and out. She and her great support staff aligned all the pieces for a very smooth transaction from seller to buyer.  In my years of owning 30+ dealerships up and down the East Coast, I have never used a better broker.  I was VERY happy, and will always get Nancy involved with any transaction from now on."

Chris Mackey, Owner  | Middlebury Chevrolet  |  Middlebury, VT

A proud addition to the Mackey Auto Group