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8 Key Points You Need to Know from the 2021 NADC Conference

We recently returned from the National Association of Dealer Counsel Convention (NADC) in Chicago. The keynote presentation by highly-acclaimed franchise law firm of Bass Sox Mercer, titled ‘Will Dealers Remain Relevant’ was a sobering message.


While it is difficult to focus...

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Benefits of Selling Your Dealership Now Rather Than Later

None of us know for sure the trajectory of our industry and our country in this most unpredictable of times. Between political upheaval, catastrophic events, vehicle inventory shortages and economic instability, the current profitability of the auto industry may not be susta...

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The Phillips Report - 2020 Dealership Values in Greater New England
The Phillips Report 2020 - representing dealership values and trends for Individual Dealers, Regional Dealers and National Dealer Groups throughout Greater New England which includes New England and Upper New York State.
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Returning to a new normal after COVID-19
We understand that the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation poses unique challenges for everyone. Despite these difficult times we will all emerge and there will be many buying and selling opportunities that result.

Although our physical office is temporarily closed in accordance with COVID-19 guideli...
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