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Testimonial - Johanna Cicotte, Nissan of Lebanon

09.13.21 03:37 PM By Carrie Forbes

Johanna Cicotte chose Nancy Phillips Associates as her trusted advisor and dedicated confidante.

"Obtaining manufacturer approval for a franchise can be challenging, and I didn’t want to attempt it myself. I had worked with Nancy in the past, and knew that she and her team are excellent – in fact, the BEST. 

Without a doubt, Nancy’s work streamlined and shortened the whole process. She has all the right contacts and knows how to navigate her way through the system. She and her team lined everything up and supplied everything that was needed resulting in a very fast franchise approval turnaround. 

Nancy is a true professional who knows what she’s doing. She not only facilitated my transaction, but she also gave me recommendations for valuable resources that ended up saving me time and money. I gained a new floor plan source, and a new accountant, who’ve become incredible assets to me and my business. 

I would never even consider purchasing another dealership or selling a store without involving Nancy Phillips Associates, they are “the whole package” and their work and guidance are absolutely worth every penny!"

Johanna Cicotte | Miller Auto Group | Lebanon, NH

Carrie Forbes