Nancy Phillips Associates

DeLaBruere's Auto in Newport, VT Sold to AutoSaver Group

06.08.23 11:45 AM By Carrie Forbes
Nancy Phillips Associates is pleased to announce the sale of deLaBruere’s Auto Sales, Inc., a GMC dealership located in Newport, Vermont to Abel Toll of the Autosaver Group. 

Autosaver operates 14 dealerships in Vermont, New Hampshire and New York and this acquisition enhances the group’ s franchise representation in Northern New England and New York. The GMC franchise has been operating in Newport since 1982 and will be relocated to the Autosaver Group Northpoint campus where a new facility is underway. The dealership is now known as Northpoint GMC.

Nancy Phillips Associates has orchestrated the majority of the acquisitions for the Autosaver group over the last three decades.

Carrie Forbes