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Podcast: Pre-Succession for Automotive Dealership Owners

05.16.23 12:39 PM By Carrie Forbes

Hear Nancy’s Key Insights Now on The Secret Thoughts of CEOs Podcast 


In her sincere and forthright style, Nancy recently shared vital information that all dealer principals need to know in a brief recorded interview on the podcast, The Secret Thoughts of CEOs


The episode, titled Pre-Succession for Automotive Dealership Owners: A Conversation with Nancy Phillips, isreceiving positive feedback from listeners who appreciate Nancy’s candid insights from her firsthand experience over three decades of advising dealers throughout their ownership lifecycle.


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Too often, we have witnessed the unfortunate and highly preventable situation of dealers leaving their families vulnerableto financial loss, confusion and needless stress resulting from crisis-planning in the absence of proactive succession planning and asset valuation.


From this experience, we’ve summarized 7 best practices into a one-page guide to inform and empower you to protect your assets and gain peace of mind from planning and knowing your dealership’s worth.

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