Rochester Volkswagen Sold to Jake Kaplan Auto Group

01.10.23 12:54 PM By Carrie Forbes

Nancy Phillips Associates is pleased to announce the sale of Volkswagen of Rochester to Sheree Kaplan of Kaplan Auto Group. Sheree took the reins of her father’s Jaguar dealership in 1991 and has since expanded Kaplan Auto Group to include multiple dealerships in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Kaplan is thrilled to bring a Volkswagen dealership into her operation.  “My father was one of the first Volkswagen dealers in the country and I’m very excited to be returning to the brand,” she said.  


Dwight Wissler and his son Jordan purchased their Volkswagen dealership 12 years ago through Nancy Phillips Associates. When Nancy approached the father and son with the idea of selling the dealership last year, they hadn’t been thinking about a change.  “We weren’t initially thinking about getting out of the business but Nancy gave us time to consider the idea and didn’t pressure us,” Jordan said. “The decision wasn’t easy, but my father and I decided that the timing was right and the values in line with taking a new direction in our lives.” 


What the Buyer says about Nancy Phillips Associates:  


"I’ve worked with Nancy on other transactions, and she has a real knack for knowing which buyer and seller will be a good fit. She knows I’ve been looking to expand and when she comes across a dealership she thinks would work well, she gives me a call.  

 Nancy is very professional and honest, and I enjoy working with her because I know that there’s never any B.S. Her staff is excellent and they are all very good at what they do.  


I’ve recommended Nancy to countless other dealers. I say, ‘If you are thinking of selling your store, you need to talk with Nancy Phillips. She will guide you through the whole process, she’s up front, honest and very easy to deal with. The process of buying or selling a dealership can be stressful, but she makes you feel comfortable throughout. You know you are in good hands. She studies the market and when she prices your store, you know it’s going to be fair. And likewise, if you’re going to buy, you know it’s a fair price and she presents you with all of the material you need to make your decision." 


What the Seller says about Nancy Phillips Associates: 


"The decision to sell was hard, but when we were finally ready to move ahead, Nancy had the right buyer for us already in place which made the whole process very easy. From the beginning to end, it took only about five months to close. The buyer that she delivered was a really good fit for us in that she shared our philosophy about how we operate. We had a lot of people on staff that have been here for a long time and she was eager to retain them and I was able to stay on for the transition to help it go smoothly. 


Throughout the transaction, Nancy gave us a lot of comfort. She was able to answer any of the questions we had and if there was anything that needed to be discussed with the buyer, she took care of it. All of her staff that I dealt with were very efficient and got back to me right away when I had questions. In my opinion, the whole process was extremely seamless and seemed to just flow very naturally." 

Carrie Forbes