Subaru Franchise Values 

10.24.22 03:05 PM By Carrie Forbes

Subaru dealerships throughout New England and New York are selling faster and for higher prices than our industry has ever seen. The intangible value that sellers have realized for Subaru dealerships sold by Nancy Phillips Associates in the last 18 months is on par with values realized for Toyota franchises. 


Since 1990 our team has successfully facilitated the transition of 25% of the Subaru Dealer Body in New England to it’s current generation of top performers. The Subaru franchise in New England has increased in value at a greater rate than other parts of the country due to the demanding requirements of a forward thinking franchisor and our team’s unique ability to procure the perfect Buyer for each Seller we represent. 

The chart titles "Subaru Franchise Values" is a depiction of the Business Value as a Percent of Total Revenues of Subaru dealerships sold by Nancy Phillips Associates throughout Greater New England from 1998 to July of 2022. 

It may seem counterintuitive to sell your dealership while profits are high but our recent results prove that it is the best time to consider your exit strategy. You owe it to yourself to gain the professional support you need to make the right decision at the right time and optimize your return on investment. Contact us for a confidential discussion about your dealership.