Effective Planning Now Will Minimize Your Future Tax Increases

10.05.21 05:13 PM By Carrie Forbes
Why Evaluate

If Your Assets Exceed Federal Estate Tax Exemption

If the value of your dealership and other assets exceeds the federal estate tax exemption, you should immediately create a plan that will minimize your estate tax exposure and maximize what your heirs will retain after taxes. 


If You Employ Gifting as a Strategy

If you employ gifting to transfer any part of your dealership you will be required to obtain an IRS-compliant professional evaluation in order to carefully document your plan.


If You Have Business Partners

If you have business partners, you should create a written Shareholder Agreement to avoid future disputes.  Critical to such an agreement is a mutually agreed-upon value, which can be thoughtfully derived from a professional evaluation.


If You Are Considering Retirement

If you are thinking of retiring, and have an existing buyout in place, it is likely that you may not have previously established a value for your dealership.  Evaluating your dealership now can mitigate the risks associated with unclear agreements.


If You Are Facing Litigation

If you are facing litigation over divorce, minority shareholder suits or tax and estate issues you will be required to obtain a professional determination of the value of your dealership.


How We Can Help

Our Evaluation team has over 30 years of experience evaluating auto dealerships. We support dealers interested in proactively maintaining their estate plan as well as those considering their exit strategy – whether that includes selling their dealership or another form of ownership transfer.  


We are professional, expedient, discrete, responsive and easy to work with.  Every evaluation we perform is held in high regard by franchisors, the IRS and accounting firms throughout the United States.

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