Wells River Chevrolet Sold to Abel Toll of AutoSaver Group

02.09.23 04:31 PM By Carrie Forbes

Nancy Phillips Associates is pleased to announce the sale of Wells River Chevrolet to Abel Toll of AutoSaver Group, owner of 13 franchised dealerships located in New Hampshire, Vermont and New York. 

Jeff Moore bought Wells River Chevrolet in 2014 from a friend who was retiring and wanted to ensure he left his dealership in good hands. Jeff was one of the rare dealership owners approved to purchase a General Motors dealership who had no prior experience in the automotive industry. He was, however, a highly successful businessman who owned and operated both a freight management company and a bioenergy fuel distribution business in the state of Vermont. During his 10 years of ownership he radically increased the dealership revenues, profitability and community presence. Recognizing that timing is everything, Jeff made the decision to look into selling if he could find the right fit for his dealership.

He reached out to Nancy Phillips, who came to him early on with an offer to purchase from the operator of a highly successful dealership group within the same geography. As it turned out, the two men were already acquainted, and Jeff knew he’d found the right buyer to take over the business.  

“It was extremely important to me to find someone who was going to take care of my staff and employees. I couldn’t repeat that enough times to Nancy who not only listened carefully but delivered the perfect buyer in Abel and his team.”  


What the Seller Says About Nancy Phillips Associates:  

"If you’re in the car business, you know who Nancy Phillips is and when I was deciding whether to sell, I picked up the phone and called her. We had a great conversation, during which she explained the process and how she would arrive at a valuation for the dealership before listing. About a month later, she came back with a price that she felt she could sell for and gave me some options, including a chance to expand if I wanted to take that path. After thinking carefully about what I wanted next in my life and the current market conditions, I decided to sell if I could be assured that Nancy would find someone who was going to take care of my staff. 

When Nancy called me about her discussions with Abel Toll,  I was thrilled. I felt that the Autosaver Group would be the best option for the longevity of the business. The whole process from start to finish was incredibly smooth. Nancy and her team were just amazing to work with, they took care of problems and intercepted issues before I even knew about them. It made the process so much easier than it would have been otherwise.  Working with Nancy is the way to go, she’s been doing this for three decades and really knows what she’s doing." 

Jeff Moore, Wells River Chevrolet


What the Buyer Says About Nancy Phillips Associates: 

"We have worked with Nancy Phillips Associates over the last 30 years and they have been responsible for a good number of our acquisitions. Nancy knows all about our business model and has been incredibly instrumental in bringing us the right new opportunities to enhance our dealership group.  She has looked out for us throughout her career and even been known to push us in the right direction when we were too busy to see it for ourselves.  In every transaction that she has facilitated, nothing escapes her attention to detail. Her staff is great and they know how to negotiate and manage a dealership acquisition from start to finish so that it runs smoothly and seamlessly."  

 Abel Toll / AutoSaver Group